Sunday, April 29, 2012

 So here's Ridge;)  Isn't he a handsome kid?  This was a really great Senior Portrait session!

We met up & shot @ 2 different locations, & we had a lot of fun!  This kid is very photogenic, He can very easily be a model! I LOVE 
this image of Ridge w/his mom;)  It's so sweet....

I feel like I really get to know my clients during our shoots, & I can tell this kid is very loved by his mom:)  I caught her smiling so big a few times as she was watching him "pose" for me, she adores her baby boy;) 
He's the only boy out of four kids!

 Ridge is a really active kid, & he plays the guitar really well, he taught himself which is so amazing.  So it was fun to listen to him playing as we were shooting, it was very cool. 
 He is also really looking  forward to serving a mission in the near future, he will be a great missionary! 

I love all the photos I worked on & edited but the first one on this post, & this last one here are 2 of my favorites, they both just have a timeless feel about them, which I really love.

Congrats Ridge on graduating!  I KNOW you have MANY adventures coming your way, you have a free spirit about you, confidence & I can tell you have been raised well.  Enjoy this time in your life to the fullest, you will one day look back & have great memories, I'm sure;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

                        Meet "Ruby" She truly is a gem;) 

Born on Easter Sunday, I think is VERY special.  What an amazing birthday-day to share in celebration w/the resurrected  Savior of the world!

Since miss Ruby was born on Easter Sunday, I thought it would be fun to create a "nest" for her photo shoot;)  I was fortunate to find @ our location a pile of leaves, sticks & dried out flowers all nestled perfectly for me to complete her nest oh so sweet, & lay miss Ruby in it;)  This was her favorite spot out of all the other spots we placed her in........miss Ruby I think could have snuggled in her nest all afternoon.........

I LOVE this image above, I think it's so sweet.......

& this last photo just melts my so precious.......there really isn't anything more tender than a mother w/her baby.......Congratulations Steven & Ashley, & welcome to the word miss Ruby;)

Monday, April 23, 2012


This is the word that comes to my mind when I look @ these photos......beautiful.

 Brenna is such a pretty girl &&&& she's a very good girl:)

Her big sister did a shoot recently w/me, & so mom n dad wanted Brenna to have her own shoot, & I have to say, we had so much fun!  We went down to Newport Beach, so how could it not be a great shoot?!

I love this photo above;)  It looks like a European add to me:)

                                                  So after shooting over by the beach side, we had some fun over @ the "Fun Zone"  It was a busy day being that it was a Saturday afternoon...but that's also what made it fun:)

                                            love the image above;)

Brenna could be a model.......she just has that "look" Both these images above & below look like adds to me too;) Which I LOVE;)

As we were just about done w/the shoot, we saw a "bride"  I was SOOO excited to have this beautiful "prop" to compliment my beautiful model.  It was perfect timing.  This is one of my favorite photos from this sweet shoot;)

I'd love to get some feedback, don't be shy & leave me a comment;) xo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh WOW.....this was such a FUN lil shoot!

I mean really,  these two are REALLY adorable!  I bet they are the BEST of friends:)!

I hope as they grow, they will stay close, & stay best friends;) These little guys were so much fun to shoot, & they were really pretty easy too! We had a "moment" of crabby time.....but it was just a small moment;)

I LOVE the images w/daddy;)  I hope these images of Harold w/his two boys will become family treasures;)

This image below is just cool, I think;)  Some might look @ the graffiti below as not attractive, but to me it looks like art work, & it gives this image a great look!

This little guy wears his uncles cape ALL the time I was told:)  So I thought it would be fun to get him wearing it for some of our shots!  He was having a blast running around in his "Superman" cape!

Now this next image has to be one of my favorites from this fun shoot!  It was one of the last shots we took, we were actually done, then I said "wait, one more really fast over here"!!!  & I am SOOOO happy we did!  I LOVE this image, they all have such great smiles & look so happy:)

Monday, April 16, 2012

 Here are a few images of Santiago's #4;)

Kylee made the JV team as a freshman @ a VERY competitive school, where the girls soccer program is VERY strong!  So this is a big accomplishment;)!

Kylee was really fun to watch, very fast & was always a big threat to the opposing team!

                                Kylee & Coach Loui;) Banquet 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Part two from last weeks "Sharks" banquet! Up above is another photo of the beautiful tables, they were really pretty, & so nicely done;)

These girls, both above & below are some serious soccer "studs":) In fact 4 of them were recognized this evening;)

 Such pretty girls...........

Ok, I LOVED the chandeliers, so of course I HAD to take a photo of one! 

                        MORE soccer beauties.............

These legs above do some serious husss'ln w/the ball on the pitch!

                      Everyone having a wonderful time;)

Um.Yeah. This photo below cracks me up-two goofy girls, being very goofy:)!  There's just a tiny bit of difference in height:)!

These two women are responsible for putting on a "FAB" banquet!  Thank you;)

                                                                   Coach Loui;)

                                                 Santiago JV soccer team 2012           
                                                         JOGA BONITO
© Laura Shepard's Photography