Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A home full of Faith, Hope, & Love.  A home full of boys;)

These 3 young men are so darling, aren't they:)?

I had a fun idea, since this was a brother shoot......let's play, & "go camping"!

& that is exactly what we did:)  We created a "fire" roasted marshmallow's (well, pretended to anyway:) They had fun, & IK I had fun:)

 Oldest to youngest here, & oh boy, are they all 3 not just such handsome young men:)?! All 3 were so sweet, happy & very good lil guys;) It was fun for me to see their beautiful mamma talk to them, & even play w/them:)  They are her world, & I could tell that she is their world too:)

So we have one w/green eyes, one w/blue eyes, & one lil cutie w/big brown eyes:) Too cute:)!
© Laura Shepard's Photography