Saturday, March 31, 2012

I had the opportunity to photograph these beautiful kids recently, & now @ the Easter mini shoot;)
                                            But this time their beautiful mother joined them!
 Aren't these guys just "pretty"?!?!?!  I was SOOOO happy to see Simone feeling good:)  The poor  baby was feeling so yucky the last time we shot;/

I had to include their shoes in some of the photos!  If you know Nichole, you KNOW how she feels about shoes;)
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this image down precious, you can barely see it, but mom was holding one of the baby chicks, as her baby chicks were waiting for their turn to hold the chick;)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

 LOOK @ this little guy!  I am digging his "swag" as my kids say;)

 I really love mommy n me shoots, they are so special to me;)
 Sarah's mom is my hairdresser, & she looks SOOO much like her to me!  She's just a blond version of her mamma!
                                Isn't this little-er guy down below so cute! 
 These two girls are cousins, it's so fun to see that cousins grow up to be friends;)  So fun that their babies are so close in age, I bet they will be the best of buds:)!

 I LOVE to take photos of these 2 girls;) They are sooooo sooooo FUN!
 I got to take great photos of them @ my Halloween shoot, I love their style;)

I feel like these two have a distinct European look & flair;)
 Ok, this little guy to the left is one HAPPY little man:) 
 I was a little nervous @ first, because he was enjoying his afternoon nap, so I wasn't sure what we were going to get, but we  got HAPPY:)! Yeah:)
 His pretty sisters are another set of "TWINNERS" They are really cute girls, & I could tell they LOVE their baby brother!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE chubby lil baby feet-ONLY baby feet;)  I couldn't resist to take a photo of his chubbers feetsies;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

 These kiddos are one of my "regulars":)  They are becoming "PROS" @ photo-shoots!  They are such cute kids;)

               I love this photo below, I think it's SOOO sweet;)

     This guy is "big" brother, he was very gentle w/Mr Bunners;)
        SHE is the "Princess" of the family-& w/good reason;)
This guy is a little "ham"  He is the one who likes to give me all his different facial expressions;)  BUT he is one good looking kid;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

 I had FOUR TWINNER'S in my mini shoots this past weekend!  Out of 14 shoots-that's a PRETTY big odd, I'd say;)
 These cute kiddos mommy "Ricca" was 2 of my kids 3rd grade teacher;)               So it was extra fun for me to "shoot" her kids!
 O.M.GOSH.  We were CRACKING up @ her pose down below!  I asked her to give me a "sassy" look- & this is what she gave me!  Too cute!

 This little guy was a little tougher to photograph...he was quite busy & there to play & explore! But I was able to catch him a few times;)  He was darling!

          Meet the Hansen kiddies;)  O.M.GOODNESS, are they ALL CUTE or what?!?!?! 

 Such fun, sweet & BEAUTIFUL kids!  The girl is so darling, & her brothers adore her;)

The oldest brother has the most BEAUTIFUL red hair ever!
 Then you have the TWINNERS!  SOOOOOO SOOOOOO CUTE!!!  Not much more to say than                                                                               CUTE:)!

                                   She adored Mr Bunners.........& Mr Bunners adored her;)

           This last image is one of my favorites;)  Nothing beats the friendship of "brothers".............

Monday, March 26, 2012

                    My First shoot I am posting & just finished up editing are the Beylers!
 The Beylers are one of my loyal "peeps":)  They are AWESOME!  They did a family mini  
                                                            W/a touch of Springtime;)
 These two are so playful, & I'll tell you, Derek LOVES it when it's him & Ashley's turn for    
                   their "close-ups"  He is NOT shy showing her affection-SOOOO cute;o)
                                             These two are TWINNERS:)  They are darling!
                                      & these two are not "twinners" BUT are also darling;)!

 We had a fun time during the mini shoot, I love being able to take photos of the Beylers, & capturing them having fun together, & making memories that will last forever;)

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