Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring love!

I had the most adorable little family sessions this spring, it has to be one of my favorite's for sure:)
As a photographer it's always so awesome to have clients who come to you a couple times a year, every year <3 it makes me happy, it's fun catching up, & it's precious watching the subtle changes in their families as they grow:)
But I also love when I get to meet a new client, I have no idea of what to expect, sometimes it's a bit more challenging because I don't know the family, their dynamics, the children.....
Well, I KNEW this would be a beautiful shoot, even though I hadn't shot w/them before, I knew this was an adorable little family, but what I didn't know was that it was going to be a bit of a magical session:)
So it's not always ponies & rainbows from "hello":) Our hello was quickly turned into a few tears as one of these beauties was showing me her giant awesome white balloon for their shoot that they had brought & were so excited about it, BUT we watched it fly up, up & away..................
I felt so sad for her;/ luckily I had brought a few tricks for this sessions & even though they ween't an awesome, giant white balloon, it was almost as fun:) We had bubbles, peeps (it was before Easter:) & confetti eggs!
These little girls are beautiful....but I think that I had a little fairy on my shoulder during our session because as beautiful as they truly are, 98% of the time they were snacking on treats, or picking out "stickies" from their sandals.....after all were really were in the forest, & well, the forest has little critters, tall dry grass, & all sorts of things that an 18 months old & a 4 year old might be a bit distracted by:)
I am in LOVE w/these images, I hope mom n dad are too:) Speaking of mom n dad, they were darling as well!  & so sweet w/their girls, so full of love <3
I feel lucky to be able to get to know new & "old" families thru my photography, capture pretty photos, & freeze time for them <3
It's the best thing ever! scroll down & LOOK @ these faces :)
SOOOO cute!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Her name is Rio :)

This is my Rio <3  & I love her to pieces <3 She's my firstborn & even though she's just under 5'10" & almost 19 years old, she will always be my baby girl...always <3

She was home last week for her Spring break & I loved every moment of her being home:) It's crazy how time goes by SOOOOO fast.  It seems like it was just a few years ago she was having playdates, going to Kindergarten, asking me to take her to the park, driving her to soccer practice etc...
How & WHEN did she grow up?
HOW am I still the same age when she's getting older (I wish lol:)

Ok so being a photographer, you would think I take my kids photos all the time, right?  I really don't as often as you would think, or as I should!  It had been a while since I really took photos of my Rio, so we headed out one late afternoon & had a little shoot & I'm so happy we did, I can never have enough photos of my kiddos:) I'm so glad we did!

& if you're wondering how we came up w/her name....well, I was a BIG Duran Duran fan during my HS years, & one of my favorite songs was "Rio" & when I was preggers w/her we couldn't agree on a name, then when I was about 7 months along I remembered that I always wanted to name my daughter "Rio"  My hubby LOVED it & so Rio it was:)! I had an image in my mind growing up of my future daughter & she was  beautiful, tall w/long legs & light golden skin...I not only got a daughter pretty much like I had envisioned, but I got the whole package <3 She is kind hearted, confident & a good person too....
(she's probably going to kill me for posting this, but oh well:)

My Rio is growing up....she's got so many ideas, hopes, dreams & good desires for her future....I know she has lot's of adventures ahead of her, & I am so excited for her!

                                         Her name is Rio, & I love her to pieces <3


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Get your Candy going on! The Candy Strand in Laguna, Ca.

Ok girls....girls from ages 10-110, tall & short, bigger & smaller....yep, I'm talking to YOU girl:)
If you don't have a Candy Strand swimsuit, go online right NOW & order one:)! 
So what is The Candy Strand?!  They are darling, reversible, modest (although you can gather the trestle tops up to show/tan a little tummy if you like:) & they have several different bottoms to choose from....high waisted, bottoms that have a cute gather on the backside:) bottoms that are more simple....& guess what EVERYTHING is reversible, so you can create tons of looks w/just ONE top & ONE bottom!  Pretty darn cool & clever, right:)?
 & guess what?! The Candy Strand is offering a special discount! Type in "candy10" (all lower case) for 10% off your entire order!
Click on the address below, & you are in "The Candy Strand" land:)

I've done several shoots for this RAD company, but this one was pretty cool!  We got to shoot @ a private beach, YES private beach in Socal! It was the perfect location, sooo  beautiful, & very Cali....just like these  girls:)

                                                 I could seriously live here.....right here:)

                                            Loving that California sun & warmth!

@ the end of our shoot, we had a little bonfire going on,  & of course "smores" was happening (YUMMY:) There's nothing like the smell of a bonfire, @ the beach, @ the end of a beautiful day, roasting marshmellows, making ( & eating:) smores,  chill'in w/old & new friends, listening to the waves crashing, & loving that light ocean breeze.......

SO this suit down below is one of my favorites!  I can't remember for sure, but I think I was told that it's called "bonfire" or something like that:) So of course we had to get a great shot of this print, in front of our bonfire:)

Ok so I told you a little about "The Candy Strand" swimsuits.....I am a visual kinda girl, so I thought I'd introduce you (virtually:) to the Cofounders, Les & Trish:) They snuck in w/some of our models @ the end of the shoot & I was able to catch them in a handful of shots too:)  

These two are such hardworking, talented, creative amazing women! They had a dream & a vision, & they made it happen! ~The Candy Strand ~ fun, modest, original,& very cute swimsuits....& btw made in the USA:)

                                                  PS don't forget to "pin" your fav pic:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pretty little candles

Welcome to my FIRST "tips & trends" blogpost! & to my first post w/my "new" look:)

SO as I was having my blog updated (long overdue, thank you Rita:) I thought it would be unto include a little section where from time I will post fun DIY's, trends,  fun tips, & even tutorials on photography & or pretty much anything that makes me happy, & hopefully will make you happy too:)

Every now & then crafting is good for the soul...
My  firstborn has been home from college this past week, she had a few DIY's  brewing up, & so off we went to Hobby Lobby to gather some Soy candle "stuff"! (my first time ever there btw!)

Making candles is always fun & therapeutic, especially when essential oils are involved! & it's very simple to do!

All you need is a little bit of time & supplies:) We chose shredded Soy wax, we purchased several different sized mason jars, wicks, & for sure use essential oils if you can:)

Follow the instructions to melt the wax etc, then come up w/your own combo scents, you cause essential oils, spices, & even herbs from your garden. Once you get the wax melted & poured, let the candles set & a few hours later, add a little personality to your little jar, then light that candle & relax...
That's it! Simple:)

There's something special when you have a warm glow in your home from a pretty little candle or two, & it's extra sweet when it's been made w/love:)

© Laura Shepard's Photography