Tuesday, May 29, 2012

              WOW, such a cute & so in love expecting couple;)

 It was so great to meet these two, they are expecting their first baby girl really any day now!

They have been married for about 5 years now, but after spending a couple of hours w/them, you would think they are still newlyweds! They are darling together & they have this spark between them that is so sweet to see. 

I can barely wait to meet their beautiful baby girl in a few weeks for her close-ups;) SO exciting!

This shoot quickly became one of my favorites, I had a lot of fun shooting them, mommy is such a pretty girl, & can you believe that she was around 36 weeks pregnant here?!?!  She looks amazing!

Like the majority of my shoots, this last image is one of my favorites,  (& the first one on this post:) we were literally walking back to our cars-I thought "oh wait, lay down on the grass really quick" & of course she said "sure" & like a GREAT husband, he agreed w/his his beautiful wife-even though he was probably "done" he did it, & they shared a special moment together & I was the lucky one who was there to photograph it & capture it:) 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tonight I had a few minutes to get my Cameras & lens's ready while waiting for my family shoot to arrive. & so,  I was "testing" a few things out.........I took a photo of my hubby's keys to check out my "focus" & when I looked @ the image, I loved it. 
WHO would think that you could "love" a photo of a dangling old mixed match keys on a chain (which half of them, you have NO clue where they belong too:) from your ignition, right?

Well, I did.  I DID, because instantly I began thinking about what that golden key says on it.  The Golden key says  "DO NOT DUPLICATE" & this little phrase, even though I have seen it many times on keys before, it just sort-of hit me...........It made me think about how each of us are unique, & we cannot be "duplicated."
I love that we all have our own strengths & weaknesses, the good & the "need improvements" in us. This is what makes each of us, "us."

I will tell you, that after 8 months of being a "photographer" I KNOW that each of us ARE really & truly unique........even all the "twinners" that I have photographed are their own persons! I get to know my clients very well, after spending hours between talking, texting, emailing, FB'n - then shooting, & finally, studying each face while I am editing......... none of us can be duplicated:)! & I do love that:)

           So this was my "deep thought" for the night:)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Connor & Kaitlynn:)!!!!

 I was so excited to be able to capture a special moment like this one;)

 This image above is so sweet & tender, I really love it:) Grandma was holding her little man while his cousin was playing "patty cake"  So cute;)

SO adorable;)

Pinata time!  


I had a blast, I really did shooting this fun FIRST birthday party for this cute young family:)
Thank you for letting me be a part of this very special day:)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet Amanda;)  She is your "all American" girl for sure!  I bet if you asked people from other countries to describe what the "classic" American young lady looks like, someone like Amanda comes to mind;)

 Ok-really?!?!?!  Is it just me, or does the image above on the right look like the BEAUTIFUL horse is just loving on Amanda?  This is such a sweet image to me;)

We had so much fun this late afternoon.......her mamma & I are soccer buddies;)  & she is country gal:)!  As are her 3 daughters as well!  She thought it would be fun to do Amanda's senior session"country style" So off to "HORSETOWN USA" for our location it was!  What a BLAST!  Norco is awesome!  It truly feels like you are NOT in southern Ca. when you are there....we met @ the local Carls jr. & there were  a couple of Hens greeting us:)  I LOVE it!!!!  

We turned the shoot into a "girl" shoot;)  So of course, Amanda was the main model of the day, but we got really fun shots w/her two sisters & her beautiful mamma;)

Amanda is graduating this year, & IK her parents are very proud of her;) She's a darling girl, very responsible, & kind;)

Congratulations Amanda!  I'm REALLY excited for you....you have the whole world in your hands, so many things to do, places to visit, & life to experience!  Keep on being a good person, & I'm sure life will be good to you;) IK you are very loved:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I was asked to take action shots for this baseball team, & even though I am a "soccer mom" I had a lot of fun shooting this!

 This team was loosing pretty big until I believe the 3rd inning, if I remember correctly, THEN they had an awesome comeback!  They ended up winning & I was so happy for them;)

 Here on the blog I am featuring a few of the boys, those who I was photographing.  This was my first baseball action shoot, & I am pretty happy w/the way they turned out, & I hope they will be too;)

This last image is classic.......it just so happen that a couple of the boys & their coach had their eyes on my lens, I think it's so cool:)

BEST of luck to this little team, they have a very impressive record, & HOPEFULLY will be continuing into the playoffs & keep on winning:)!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brown eyed girl............this IS Brianna's song, & as you scroll down to see the photos, I'm sure you will agree;)!

      Bri is such a pretty girl, she has one of the best smiles I have   photographed so far, & her brown eyes really do sparkle!

                  Brianna is GRADUATING.......CONGRATS:)!  

 She is a very busy girl.....she is a dancer w/a very good dance studio, & she also works for the Angels! 

 Bri has a bright future I am SURE of it. 

We had a great time shooting, we went exploring into the Forest-literally:)!  We were able to get lot's of great shots, but I have to say that this last image of Bri is one of my favorites!  I LOVE it.  I think it looks like it was torn straight out of a magazine, these are MY favorite looks:) A little bit vintage, a little bit different-to me it equals perfection;)

Congrats again Brianna;)  I wish the BEST for you, I hope you enjoy exploring your life, & creating your own story to tell:)
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