Thursday, September 27, 2012

Here is another beautiful senior session gal;)

Sara is a sweet young lady, full of life & love for nature.
This is where she wanted to shoot, w/water, trees, & fresh mountain air all around her. 

I think this is one of the reasons why her shoot was so perfect.  Sara was in her element:)

 The shot above is one of MY favorites (although I have MANY favorites from her shoot;)
I suppose because it is timeless, & the striped poles remind me of being in Venice Italy:)

 Sara is a runner, & a cheerleader, so of course we had to get a few shots of her doing her "stuff":)

Sara, you are a sweet girl, stay that way & life will be good to you:)  Best of luck to you & whatever it is that you want to do w/your life:)
Playing Catch up!
I luv this girl.  Her name is Susie.

This is Susie's senior session from last May:)
If you know Susie, you KNOW this was not an easy thing for her to in the spotlight w/2 cameras in her face:)!
BUT I loved it!

 Now, her mother on the other hand kept telling me to take her photos:)!  They couldn't be any more opposite;)!

               I love this location, we had so much fun shooting here, & I knew Susie would too;)

 Susie, you are a beautiful girl, FULL of opportunities, the world is waiting for YOU to make a   difference;) I wish nothing but the BEST of  you;) xoxo

                                                My personal favorite photo from our shoot;)

 This is a combo post;) 2 beauties, about one tear apart in age;)

Beatrice is a doll.  She is this happy, chunky, sweet baby girl, & she recently turned ONE:)

 she reminds me so much of my oldest daughter @ this age, I LOVE chunky babe's.......who doesn't:)?

                now meet miss Charlotte.  Fresh from Heaven, what a precious shoot this was:)

                                   so tiny, so new, so simple, yet so amazing & perfect..........

                                                so tender, so priceless, so fresh & so pure.

                                                                just a ball of joy;)

This last image of baby Charlotte is one of my favorites, it makes me want to snuggle & hold her tight.

BOTH theses girls are blessed w/loving parents, & have been Heaven sent to them:) I hope to be able to photograph them as they grow, I hope they don't grow TOO fast;)
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