Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweet sixteen:)
 Here are some of our adventures caught on film (well-on digital film anyway:)  from last weakend in San Francisco!

 So this guys was pretty CrAzY!  He was our cab driver, & was SUCH a crazy driver, it was pretty entertaining!  We went in & out of alleys, saw boys dressed like really UGLY girls walking around on the streets, our way to our hotel & a couple of the girls even SWORE they saw a dead person........he wasn't dead I'm sure-he was passed out! Our cab ride was quite the experience for sure!

Birthday dinner;)

Bus ride:)

               Girls getting "ready to head out for the day:)


So we "attempted" to get a few head shots up against this great graffiti wall...but the cable car was coming.....& well.......this was as good as it got lol!  The funniest thing about these four images are that they EACH show the girls individual personalities! Top left-a tiny bit of "drama" but a serious gal who can be pretty goofy @ times.....Top right-she is the more serious one of the bunch here for sure:) Botton left-my crazy DD.....VERY silly & never takes photos seriously....& finally the Bottom right-she is very silly;)  All 4 girls are great girls!  

GOTTA LOVE Haight/Ashbury neighborhood!  We saw some really funky shops, & people, which I think is so fun! 
Everyone was super friendly, & well........"Toto, were not in Kansas anymore":)

                         I LOVED this crazy hippy shop:)!

 & WHO doesn't love a good sale:)

                                                                SILLY girls:)

                                   Such a nice lunch w/GREAT Mexican  food @ the Wharf:)!

ALWAYS laughing & being so silly!

                                                                      Rio n me:)

                          YUM!  Chocolate &&&& The donuts on the right were DELECIOUSSSSSSSSS!  SUPER healthy stuff! Yikes!

 So I am known to sometimes "push" the limit......BUT I PROMISE I didn't this time!  We ALMOST missed our flight home!  I was soooo STRESSED for the last 2 hours of our FAB getaway;/ 
We were right on-time as planned while leaving the Wharf-I decided to catch a cab back to our Hotel @ Union Square to get our "stuff" & then get a cab to Oakland to catch our flight- so @ 4:30 we are TRYING to get a taxi & NOBODY would take us since we were a party of FIVE!  After about 15minutes of trying to figure this out we run (well Rio hobbled!) across a couple of streets to catch a cable car-NOTHING  each cable car would keep on passing us saying "sorry I'm FULL"  By now it is 5:15 & our flight left @ 7:01!  We then quickly went to the bus stop a couple of streets over, in hopes of catching a bus.....of course along w/about 25 other people.....then I really began to PANIC:O I ran down the street to try & find a cab-then my DD called me saying they spotted an empty taxi who agreed to take us & HURRY come back! PHEWWWWW, right?!?!  Well-yes n NO......by now it's 5:40 & we have lot's of driving thru the city to do..........BUT we were very fortunate, I'm sure prayers & guardian angels were responsible in getting us to the airport in safety & with about 10 minutes to spare!  
I suppose it made our "vaca" a bit more interesting.......right?

                                     HAPPY to be on our plane:) 

Beautiful ending to a beautiful weekend w/my oldest daughter & a few of her closest friends;)
(that is a blanket of clouds:)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Follow me, be my personal "paparazzi" & I will give you "A day in OUR life":)

This is a very unique shoot I offer, it is called "A day in OUR life" & really, I am your own paparazzi for the day!

With this CUTE family I came bright & early to their home, I was able to catch some fun snuggly photos, photos as mom brushed hair & helped get the girls ready for school, I captured real & raw & moments & as time changes, kids grow up, your routine changes, my hope is when you look back @ your book, you will LOVE to laugh & talk about the "remember when's"

                                                          Breakfast time;)

        School days...........

After school I "followed" my family to get some YUMMY ice cream, & watch the girls have SOOO much fun (they are not shy they LOVED being "followed":) as they played together, & as they played w/my "assistant:) 

                                           who doesn't LOVE ice cream & gummy bears:)?!?!?


In the evening I loved being there as they read scriptures together & a story before bed time;)  & then prayed together;)  So sweet..........
ps don't you love her peeking @ me;)

                                                 Night night daddy;)

                                                 kisses for everyone!

Bed time;)

 A couple of months after our shoot, a "Star" was born:)  Welcome baby Star into an awesome family!

For more info on booking YOUR own "A day in OUR life" please email me:)

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