Sunday, March 31, 2013

So can we just say WOW....FIVE boys, one dad & one BRAVE & amazing mom:)!  This is the cutest all "boy" family probably EVER! Not only are they all SO cute but, are they  ever so S.M.A.R.T. too!  ( & very sweet:)

Since I am WAY behind on my blog (

I am featuring a mixture of Christmas season family mini shoots on this post.....

Mini shoots are certainly not for everyone, but if they're for you, then they are perfect:) I try to mix up my minis as much as I can, I choose a location that allows me to get several looks in a shot period of's all about variety, details & depth!

Seriously.........just LOOK @ that angel face down below......sigh.........................

I love meeting new people, & getting to know them really quickly through photography!  I feel like I have about a zillion friends:O) & I get to take pretty photos of my zillion new & old friends!  Sounds pretty fun, doesn't it:)?! 

Oh picture perfect is this darling family up above! I'd say well....very.

 I love looking @ these photos, each one brings me back to that very moment that I took them....I remember our conversations, the weather.....if I was running behind (oh I don't like running behind;/) I remember talking about hair, make-up & outfits........lot's of memories come back to me:)

yep.......there's that picture perfect fam above again:)

Such fun photos & families! Some of these family mini's were taken in Corona @ an orange grove, a couple were taken @ a park in Fullerton, & a few were taken in Newport Beach:)

Yes these peeps are WAY cute^^ why they sure are:)  I love this little family above! They are my most "loyal peeps" thus far!  I think they have shot w/me 5, maybe 6 x's!  Mom is SOOO good about printing her photos, making them into books, canvases & puts them into frames......sometimes even on the same day as she gets her disk!  It makes me so happy when I have gone to their home & I see all their pretty smiles on the walls, & on tables:O) They are such a sweet family, & I truly love taking their photos:O)

Really ^^ yes these twinners are SoOoOoOo stink'n adorable;o)

So I'm finishing this post off w/these two lovebirds!  Oh how I adore this image, I think it's simply beautiful........

ps they also have shot w/me several x's I love them tons too:)!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Family mini's in Old Town Orange!  Why YES please!
Such a fun day I got to spend w/my daughter as my sidekick, hanging out in this fun & oh so charming old town orange:)

Aren't these two little's SO cute up above^^
& how about these two down below! They're pretty darn cute too:o)!

I LOVE the photo up above!  SOOO sweet:) I think mom needs to flash this shot @ her kiddos when they are not getting along, & remind them how much they really DO love each other lol:)

& oh my.......these are all adorable!  I had the CUTEST models this day!  It didn't feel like work!  It felt like I was playing:)

Mom got creative up above ^^^ she had I think Staples cut out these numbers for her.......great idea, ha?!  I sure think it was!

These last four are some of my favorite shots from each family mini this day!  Each photo says "happy" to me.........& that makes ME happy;o)

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