Wednesday, September 25, 2013

June Bride! Mr & Mrs Brassfield

WOW I can't believe I haven't blogged this amazing day!  Saturday, June 1st 2013. 
 I had the privilage of photographing, capturing & preserving the memory, the moment, of this very special  & fun day!
Chris & Kaylie were married in the Los Angeles LDS Temple, for time & for all eternity.  

                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Brassfield! 

               THE wedding party!


The reception was beautiful!  They held it in a very pretty backyard, & Kaylie did a truly amazing job & planning each detail, & organizing all of this!  She should be a wedding/event planner.  SHE is good!



     It's a little bit of CELEBRATION time!





I absolutely LOVE these 2 photographs.  I'm such a sucker for natural sunlight, it makes everything beautiful & everything perfect. 

For me, shooting weddings is much more than getting the family photos, the posed photos.  Those photographs ARE important, they really are.  But for me, as the photographer who will be capturing your day, it's about telling your story....not just "pictures".

THIS day, June 1st, 2013, it's about telling Chris & Kaylies story, the first day of their life as one, as husband & wife.  I had so much fun w/them, they were creative & so easy & fun to work with,  & I hope years from now they will look @ these photographs & remember how they felt, remember the emotions they had, the little conversations & playfulness that was going on, I hope it takes them back @ how beautiful their reception was........I hope these images will bring them back to this day & bring a smile to their hearts.  This is the day their journey started together. Forever.

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Friday, September 20, 2013


Last late January the hubs' & I got away to Seattle!  This is something that we had wanted to do for a while!  & I have to say, Seattle was everything I was hoping for & MORE!  I loved it!  We had perfect weather while we were there.....a tiny bit of rain, cool temps, slight breeze & soft cloudy skies w/moments of the sun making a temporary appearance.

So since I have began my photography journey, I KNEW Seattle was a "must" visit, explore, experience & capture.  It wasn't a matter of "if" it was "when"!  I was smitten by this artsy/hippie city~what can I say, if I believed in reincarnation, I FOR sure would be back as a hippie~chick!

The hubs & I explored this awesome city on our own for a couple of days, then my amazing in-laws joined us for a couple of more days.  
I seriously felt like a little kid, seeing new things, checking out all the cool handmade items for sale @ Pikes Market, trying the foods, shopping, checking out the specialty stores, visiting the FIRST & still standing Starbucks! & most of all capturing Seattle through my lens <3 I couldn't get enough, I really couldn't.

This blog post has quite a few photographs....I just couldn't narrow it down to my favorite 6, or 7.....I love them all....that's what photography is all about.  It's personal.  To me, these images tell a story, my story....the story of a few days away w/my husband,  & w/my's a memory for us 4,  for the rest of our lives, & they will continue to tell the story to out children <3

     & we begin:)

Seattle has REALLY great food, & I'm not talking seafood (that's yuck for me:)  I'm talking just good food!
                                                                                           Seriously???  How CUTE ^^
 Ok, so this is a sweet little story.  This is a photograph of my husband w/his father, admiring the portion of this amazing structure that my father-in law helped construct (on computer)  He knew EVERY square inch of this portion of this building, & this was the first time he had ever seen it in person.  This was truly a "Kodak" moment.
& who doesn't love a good Space needle photograph!
 I LOVED this DARLING little store it's called Watson  Kennedy This is their FB link! It's WAY cute!

A little of Pikes Market!
                                                                                                  GUM wall anyone! 
                                                           The FIRST Starbucks!  SO tiny, but w/lots of charm.
One of my favorite shots. & I LOVE the rain drops on my lens!
                                                                 A little shopping here & a little browsing there! 
                                                           Seattle living.  This guy Gregory Paul is really good!
   I loved this clown.  He just sat there pretty much all day long.
          LOVED this Italian deli/specialty shop.............Mmmmmm the  scent inside was Heavenly.
 These hanging paper lanterns has to be one of my favorite photographs I took.  Can't really tell you why, it just is:)
                                                                                                      Life in Seattle.
                                                               Gotta love the fish tossing guys @ Pikes Market!
                                                                        More specialty shops!  ALL sorts of sugars!
             Oooohhhh another one of my favorites.  Perfect  lighting. Perfect getaway. Perfect moments.
We have discovered that getaways are a must.  Even if it's an hour from home.  & now since I do photography, I feel it's an extra MUST:) I love to have time w/my husband, & I love to photograph & document , it's a perfect duo!

Thanks for stopping by & checking out a little bit of "my story"
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