photography today
so OUT:)are the days of wearing black & kaki, or white & jeans:)!  These days photography is more of a candid, natural, & editorial style, & YOU can get fun w/your clothing! The goal is to have everyone compliment each other, w/out being matchy-matchy. Try to avoid BIG logos on T-shirts, but please don't be afraid of color, patterns, textures even to not "match" perfectly:)

here are a few "rules & tips"

layer, layer, LAYER:) 
layer yourself!  w/scarves, jewels, hats, sweaters, & vests! (this goes for boys/girls men/women)

have a "stand-out"
WHO will be your "stand-out"?!?!  I suggest to have one person in a bold print/texture, maybe even with 3-4 colors going on, then have the rest of the group pull 1-2 colors from your "stand out" Viol''ve just created YOUR "look"! 
Remember the little oversized hair bow for your daughter, a fun headband for mom...there's even some good stuff for the guys!  How about throwing on a hat? maybe even a scarf for the fall/winter shoots!

choose your photographer to go w/your style
it's important to choose your photographer wisely.  Make sure you look @ their past work, & talk to a past client or two.  Not everyone will have the same experience w/the photographer, but they all should have a positive one! 
Photographers are not magical (although I like to think I am:) their job is to make you look like the best you!
it's important to have the photographer get involved w/you from the beginning, helping w/outfit choices, location & all that.  When both the client & the photographer are working together in creating the look & feel that you are wanting, the better your experience will be, & the more thrilled you will be w/your photographs!

what's MY style as a photographer?
I love candid shots, natural expressions & not all "posed" (um.BARF.on.posing.perfect:) For me, it's about capturing the moments, not just the picture. I LOVE to edit in a soft focus, yet keeping the crispness of the photograph alive! I LOVE black n whites!!! I also am OBSESSED with catching light flares & sunburst! you will see me in all sorts of positions, or standing on unstable things just to get that LIGHT!

happy shooting!

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