Thursday, June 28, 2012

Special day for baby girl;) 

                             Mommy, Oma & new great;o)  I love this photo above.

 "Nawna & Nay Nay;) She may not be the only princess in the house now, but she is a one of a kind for sure;)

I LOVE this photo!  These two beauties are nearly a century apart!  Such a sweet moment;)

                   Really REALLY cute:)!  This photo above makes me smile right @ back @ her;)

                                                                tiny toes;)



This last shot is one of my favorites!  SOOOOO darn cute this little baby girl is!  Can't believe how much she has grown.......way too fast.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 sisters, one mamma & their families;)

                                                                     the "guys"
                                                            I love this shot above:)
 & here is my "flaca"  I love this woman, she is awesome:)!  Such a sweet lady:)
                                                  Here she is w/her family;)

the "couple":) This looks like a magazine add to me;)

I really love this one!  A mamma & her beautiful daughters..............priceless.........

Sunday, June 10, 2012

                    SO SO cute!  Erin is such a SWEET girl. & she is so cute w/ALL her "men"

Michael is a nice guy too.......he was a little quiet @ first, but quickly relaxed soon into the shoot:)

& WHAT canI say about Logan?!?!  he is such a HANDSOME little guy!  & he is not one bit shy in            front of the lens, not one bit:)!  

 Oh Henry...........what a chubby lil doll:)!  He wan't loving the lens as much as big brother was, but he still did GREAT for not even being 4 months old;)  Such a cutie!

            Can we just say "aweeeeeeeee"  I was able to capture a "mommy & son" moment;)

What a cute couple!  I love this image above of these two...............

Erin, it was so nice to meet you;)  You truly are a kind person, I could tell from the first time we spoke:)  Your men are lucky to have you, as you are also blessed to have 3 good men to love;)
© Laura Shepard's Photography