Sunday, November 13, 2011

WHO has "inspired" ME as a photographer:)

So a little bit of why I LOVE photography.....Since I was about 18 I have LOVED taking photos, blowing photos up, framing photos etc....
I ALWAYS was (&still am) the one in the group who always had a camera, ready to take photos;)  Great shots, silly shots, whatever shots;)
I have been very blessed to travel throughout my life, & I'd say the past 5-6 years of traveling, photography has been a big part of it.   I have SOOO many photos from our travels, both near & far, & I treasure all of them!
 I have beautiful landscapes on canvas that I can seriously sit & stare @ forever, they are so beautiful to me, they never get old!

So speed up to "now" I had been asked by several people to take their family photos within the past year or so, & I was going to start my business up a little over a year ago, but I lost my mother unexpectedly & so the timing was off.
Well, this summer the time was right;) & so here I am!  & I HOPE I will be here for many more years to come!

As I began my new "adventure" in my life, w/the support of my hubby, & family I began to seek inspiration from photographers who's "style" I admire.

Tonight I am going to talk about 2 photographers that have really gotten me excited to really do this!  One is a VERY well know photographer & director in photography, she is BIG time!  & in my "next life" I want to be just like "Dani"!
Dani Brubaker is her name, I'm sure her name doesn't ring a bell to most, but I GUARANTEE that you know her work!  She has an AMAZING talent,  I can't get enough when I look @ her work, truly beautiful!  My niece "Rilla Weaver" has been in the business for several years, she had MUCH success w/modeling for Roxy, H&M,  & Justice to name a few, & her mom Summer told me that Dani Brubaker was a BIG part of so many jobs Rilla booked, which is no surprise to me, Dani's work is nearly perfect.
I will copy her FB page link down below, check her out, go to her website for more photos, she is awesome!
Dani Brubaker

My NEXT inspirational photographer, whom I also have never met is Laci Davis.  I found Laci's work on "pinterest"  She has an AMAZING eye, I LOVE her style of photography!  She uses beautiful color when editing, & you can tell that her clients love to work w/her!  She's also a bit of a local "star" in UT. she has a segment on a local UT morning show called "studio 5"
Here is the link below;)
Studio 5 - Step Into Laci's Shoes: Heels

So If you live in UT. (Davis county) you have a very talented photographer that you must use!

My "style" is very similar to Laci's style.  She is very fashion savvy, loves to find bargains & shares them:) & has a great time w/her shoots, it shows in her work!  She has been an inspiration to me, & she doesn't even know it;)!
Laci uses vibrant bold colors, unique locations & I love the way she edits her images.

Laci came up w/a very classy way of helping her clients (& non-clients) in "what do I wear for my photo shoot" question that EVERYONE always has!  In fact, I'm still piecing together the "final" touches of my own family photo shoot wardrobe;)!
I used much of Laci's "advise"w/my own twist on this subject, thanks Laci;)
Here is Laci's FB page, check it out & "like" it, IK you will love to follow her, as I have;)
Laci Davis Photography

Who knows...........MAYBE one day I will get to meet my two FAVORITE photographers;)  Thank you ladies for being such unique artist & for inspiring me...........

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chris n Jill PITZAK and FAM!

 Look @ this CUTE family!  Chris & Jill Pitzak, & their three ADORABLE KIDS!!!!!  Chris n Jill met in Yorba Linda thru mutual friends, they started dating & have been in LOVE ever since!  13 years later, & 3 SUPER CuTe kiddos together they are continuing their romance & loving every minute of it;)!
I HAVE to say that I LOVE their kids!  I had so much fun shooting this cool family;) Each child has their own unique & awesome personality;)  "big" sister is such a good girl!  You can tell she's the oldest, & mom's little helper;) She has a GREAT BIG DARLING smile, always was ready for the shot! I loved it;)
Sister number #2, wow......she is a DOLL!  She is such a FUN little girl!  She cracked me up, we'd all be working on getting the little guy to smile, & to look @ me & JUST as he would..... little" missy in red" would WALK off;)  It was so funny!  I seriously would start to laugh!
Then we have my "baby boyfriend"  OHMYGOSH  seriously.........he is to DIE for;)  SUCH a GOOD baby boy!  He was happy, & so sweet;)  He has the most beautiful deep blue eyes that look like old fashion marbles'o)  Just a cutie pie!
                                                   This family made my "job" fun!

Husband & Wife;)

I am so lucky to have been asked to be their photographer for their very special day;)  Chris n Lea met just over 2 years ago...... they met , then "re-met"about a year later & have been together ever since!  Lea has a 6 year old son who is ADORABLE, & he & Chris adore each other;)  
Chris  plays guitar for a hard rock band called "COLD" he has a "day" job, & ALSO, is a tattoo artist in Newport....he's a busy guy, & his life soon will get busier as he & Lea are expecting a baby soon;o)
Lea is getting ready to PASS her cosmetology exam, & soon will be doing hair, something she loves to do!  
Congratulations Chris & Lea & "D" man;)  I wish you MANY MANY happy & healthy years together!

Special day for the Garcia family;)

Meet the Garcia's!  Such a classy family, so polite, sweet, & kind.  This day was a special day, it was their oldest daughter Vanessa's "quinceniera"!  I had the privilage of shooting their family photo's earlier in the day....before the "fiesta" began!  Vanessa truly looked like "ROYALTY" WOW.....just beautiful;) Dad, mom, sister's & little brother are a close family, & you can see & feel the love, and bond they share;)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


WOW......WHAT CAN I REALLY SAY BESIDES SOOOOO SOOOO FUN:)!!!!  I had such a GREAT time shooting these lil guys over a two day shoot!  each child added so much originality to my days:)!  I LOVED LOVED LOVED this shoot!  I'm so excited about how they turned out;)  I tried to NOT do the exact same "stuff"  I wanted variety....& I think I got it;)
Here's to the "first annual mini PUMPKIN PATCH shoot 2011"
scroll down & check these photos out;)


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