Sunday, November 13, 2016


For those who know me, know that I am truly in love w/traveling & traveling with my family <3 

Sighhhh Vienna is oh so good.  It's beautiful, CLEAN & full of pretty buildings, & of course lot's of classical musical & art.

Here's a little collection of a few of my favorite photos :) & YES speaking of "a few of my favorite things" we DID visit Salzburg...that was a MUST for this HUGE fan of the BEST movie quite possibly ever made "The sound of music" :)! 

I'm not going to write too much, I'm more of a visual kinda gal, so I'll keep my writings short & let the photos do the story telling:)

We stayed in Vienna right off the main square which was great!  Besides being convenient, I just love staying in the heart of a main city, you really get a good idea of what it's like to live there.

The shopping is pretty good there, they have some of the same stores we have (Zara, H&M, lush etc) along w/lot's of YUMMY chocolate shops!
BUT what they have & I think theres only one store in the US is this super duper cute lil jewelry shop called 'ANNA inspiring jewelry"
LUCKLILY for my hubby, we popped in there right before they closed, the last night we were there (I was so sad) BUT luckily for ME I was able to order a special little piece online, it reminds me of Vienna each time I look @ it:)

The food was good, we ate a @ this little spot right in the center quite a few times, it was perfect for all of us, & it was kind of "our place" for the 8 days we were there:)

Vienna was stunning, its a place I would love to visit again!  

Now Salzburg was a short but very sweet day trip!  We hopped on a train & in less than 3 hours later we were in the cute town where my FAVORITE movie was filmed & I LOVED it! It was so fun to walk down some of the same streets, walkways & thru the arbors that the Von Trapp kids did! 
for this BIG fan:)!

We also did another day trip to Budapest via train, I will share another post on that later, as well our week in Prague.
But for now...this is a little taste of Vienna & Salzburg w/the 


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