Thursday, September 1, 2022

First Look @ 3 Arch Bay Laguna Beach Ca!

 Are you thinking about a first look?!   I will give you a few reason why you should consider doing it!
But first let's talk about how beautiful this beach is & how darling is this couple?!
 (SO in love:)
It's always beautiful shooting in Laguna, but 3 Arch Bay is extra special for several reason! I mean LOOK how pretty it is! The rock formation is perfection, & we had low tide this evening which is a huge plus! Also, did you know that 3 Arch Bay is a private beach/community?  This makes it even better whenever I do shoot here, I am not fighting as many beach goers which makes it not only easier to photograph, but a little more intimate for my couples🤍
Scroll down to view some of my favorite shots from Eden+Jess's First Look! His reaction is @ the very bottom of this page, it's so sweet🤍 
Also, scroll down a bit to get my reasons on why you SHOULD consider doing a"First Look":)


Ok Here are my top reasons on why considering a first look is a good idea!

First- you will be shooting @ the BEST time the day so that means beautiful photos w/golden sun is almost always a sure thing!

Second- You can test out your hair & make-up & make sure you love it for your wedding day!

third - you can shoot somewhere other than @ or near your venue! (variety is always nice:)

fourth- You & your fiancé will have time to enjoy each other, the moment & get a little bit of the nerves shaken off a few days before your wedding🤍


How sweet is his expression!? This was such a great night & I cannot wait to send this cute couple their HUGE First look gallery!  & I cannot wait for their wedding this weekend! 
Cheers to LOVE & to first looks🤍

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